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We are a professional and leading manufacturer about NTC Thermistor, for  Temperature Compensation & Temperature Measurement Sensor Probe Type.  With our Production & Engineering Team having more than 20 years of experiences endeavored in NTC Thermistor field, we continuously develop new products and techniques to extend our capabilities.  TAYAO’s core expertise in design and manufacturing has produced many innovative products of superior quality with exceptional value.

NTC Power Thermistor


◆Inrush Current Limiter


  1. Adaptors
  2. LED driver circuit
  3. Communication
  4. Peak surge current limiter
  5. Transformer


  1. NTC disk dia.: 5, 7, 9
  2. Radial silicone type.
  3. Resistance value: from 2.5 ohms ~ 400ohms
  4. Max. steady state current at R25: from 0.3Amp ~ 4Amp
  5. Max. Capacitance 240Vac: from 40㎌ ~ 160㎌
  6. Operating temperature: -40 ~ +180℃
  7. Leads meeting automation and high strength.



◆Surge Current Limiter


  1. AC or DC power supply
  2. Motors
  3. Projector
  4. Halogen Lamp
  5. Enduring high current / power rating


  1. NTC disk dia.: 11, 13, 15
  2. Silicon Coating
  3. Resistance value: from 1 ohms ~ 120ohms
  4. Max. steady state current at R25: from 1Amp ~ 7Amp
  5. Max. Capacitance 240Vac: from 250㎌ ~ 610㎌
  6. Operating temperature: -40 ~ +180℃



◆Power Thermistor


  1. Designed to withstand high steady state current.
  2. Absorbs and minimizes high input energy.
  3. Cost effective one component solution to inrush current.
  4. Wide temperature range for operation.
  5. Increase safety.


  1. NTC disk dia.: 20, 22, 30
  2. Silicon coating.
  3. Resistance value: from 0.7 ohms ~ 120ohms
  4. Max. steady state current at R25: from 2Amp ~ 30Amp
  5. Max. Capacitance 240Vac: from 2000㎌ ~ 3000㎌
  6. Operating temperature: -40 ~ +200℃
  7. Circuit protection.



◆NTC Power Thermistor : Power NTC Thermistor

Dimension: 5mm disc to 30mm disc

NTC thermistors for inrush current limiting are made of polycrystalline mixed-oxide ceramics. They suppress the high inrush current surges occurring in cases such as the charging of low-impedance smoothing capacitors.

High inrush currents occur when many items of electrical equipment such as switched mode power supplies, motors, transformers and amplifiers are turned on. These currents can damage individual components or entire subassemblies and blow fuses in error. Such high currents are caused by the extremely low impedance of smoothing capacitors or coils which almost produce short circuits at the moment of switching on. NTC thermistors acting as inrush current limiters solve this problem without elaborate circuitry at low cost.

What is an NTC thermistor?
The resistance of negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors falls as their temperature rises.  NTC thermistors are made from various metal oxides that are combined into a powdery mass and mixed with a plastic binding agent. In the production of inrush current limiters, the mass is pressed into disks under high pressure. Polycrystalline NTC thermistor bodies are formed by subsequent sintering of these blanks at temperatures between 1000 and 1400 °C.  A silver paste is baked onto them as metallization on both sides. The disks are then leaded and sealed in varnish.


  1. Switched mode power supplies
  2. Motors
  3. Transformers
  4. Amplifiers
  5. Monitors
  6. Color television sets

Minimize line-current distortion and radio noise.
Protect switches, rectifier diodes and smoothing capacitors against premature failure.
Prevent fuses from blowing in error.
When you tune on an electrical equipment, the surge current can be restrained by a power NTC thermistor connected in series with the power circuit .Because of the continuing action of current, temperature of power NTC thermistor raising, the resistance will rapidly drop to a small value, the consumed power can be ignored. So it can not affect normal operating current. Therefore, using power NTC thermistor is a most effectively and most brief measure to restrain surge current, protecting electrical equipment from destruction.


Our secret of success has been our management's policy of adhering to business ethics in its dealing with customers. We assure you of on-time delivery of finest NTC Sensor backed by prompted and careful after-sales service.